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Danielle & Bosch Tienauchariya Celebrate Their One Year Wedding Anniversary

Married: April 30, 2016

About the Couple

Danielle & Bosch Tienauchariya met twelve years ago working at Ross Stores corporate office in New York City. When the timing was right their close friendship turned into something more. Best friends became soulmates. When traveling together in Greece they got engaged!

Bosch loves sport cars, computers, working out and spending time with his daughter Autumn and their new baby Tianna!

Danielle loves going to the beach, any outdoor activities, and spending time with their daughters!

As a married couple they both commute together to their jobs in New York City. Passionate about traveling, they continue to adventure as a family and are bringing Tianna on her first trip next month to Bermuda!


About the Wedding

“When I walked in I fell in love with it”, Danielle said. She chose Soundview simply because she loved the waterfront view. With a welcoming staff and easy to talk to team, Danielle really felt at home and stress free. Anytime she had a question she knew could email or call (which was often). During a hectic wedding planning time, this really made the bride at ease.

Feelings of euphoria and excitement filled Danielle’s heart as she walked down the aisle to the sound of violins. From the ceremony to the reception, everything went as perfect as planned, leaving the couple at ease to enjoy their special day. Effortlessly floating through the evening, the Danielle and Bosch sang and danced with their family and friends, all while enjoying the beautiful waterfront backdrop at the venue. Guests of all ages had a blast, especially Bosch’s daughter Autumn who got to share a special moment having a solo dance with her dad.  Bosch’s remembers it being one of his favorite memories of the evening.

“When the photographer said, ‘the most amazing sunset is happening’ I just had to run out and capture the moment,” Danielle rejoiced.  Moments like this are what truly make the wedding day worth it.

Danielle was a little nervous prior to the wedding, being that it was an outdoor ceremony, but as Michael, the owner, promised, the day of was GORGEOUS, “I can’t stress enough how beautiful the location is, the North Shore of Long Island is the best!”

Enough about the wedding now, let’s get down to the real life of the party...the pig roast! Danielle said she LOVED the pig, thought it was the most awesome add on. All of her guests commented on how great the service was and how helpful the waitstaff was. The food looked so appetizing even the bride couldn’t wait to try everything, “I was so hungry and spilled some sauce on my dress so waitress came over and got the stain out in two seconds!” A moment when things could have gotten stressful was diffused in seconds allowing Danielle to return to enjoying the evening.

Tips for Newlyweds

“Try not to stress! Don’t expect everything you plan for your wedding, it’s not worth stressing yourself out about,” Danielle advises. The day goes by faster than you think, Daniella said. You, your husband, your family and your friends will all be at one spot for your big day, it’s important to cherish every moment and make every second count.

In preparation to the wedding, the couple LOVED that Soundview offered a Bridal Showcase/Food Tasting. They said it was extremely helpful in envisioning their wedding, “my husband actually loved the tux the DJ was wearing and chose his tux for the wedding based on that style!”

One tip Danielle has is to take your pictures before the cocktail hour. This allowed her to enjoy her time with family and friends and not worry too much about the little things. Having both the ceremony and reception at the same venue was also a huge bonus for the couple. Having a one stop shop for all her needs was a huge load of her shoulders.

“Everything was so seamless, it was a really good day,” Danielle reiterated. As the newlyweds effortlessly enjoyed their big day, Danielle would simply change only one thing about her wedding...and that was to make it longer! “I wish we took the option to extend our the event an hour for the after-party Michael suggested when planning.” The couple was having so much fun, they didn’t want their special day to end. Luckily she has the memories and her family to last her a lifetime!

Life as a Married Couple

In their time together as a married couple they love to go to the beach and travel. They also had a beautiful baby girl Tianna who was born in December.

The couple now enjoys a handful of joyus memories and has a lifetime more to create.  As a couple that loves to travel, Danielle said their honeymoon was one of their best memories as a married couple. The newlyweds can now evoke on a blissful road ahead filled with laughter, trips together, beach ventures at Lake George, and simply spending time together enjoying each others presence in the purest way possible.

The couple plans on staying in Long Island happy married, while continuing to grow their family for years to come.

“Soundview is a beautiful location, top notch service, SO easy to communicate with everyone, and easy to talk to and get along with the was beautiful,” Danielle said.




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